Craft Processing


1. ESTRIVANCUS EIVISSA is a firm that designs and creates handmade pieces with great cultural value. Unique and exclusive Espardeñas that maintain the tradition and cultural heritage of Ibiza and Formentera. Make a production by hand from your workshop in Santa Eulalia del Rio (ibiza). Being a manual production, made-to-measure and limited pieces of each of their designs granting exclusivity and value to their unique sandals in the world.

2. FIBER in its natural color with innumerable virtues and a millenary history, is the material that ESTRIVANCUS works with more affinity. For the ancient tradition of the island and its versatile ability to mold itself. Natural, soft and top quality materials with the values of proximity, traceability and sustainability from the birth of the plant to the commercialization of the piece. The cordellí made with the fiber extracted from the leaves of pitra or agave, is the basis of the collection “IBICENCAS”, a permanent collection where we will hardly follow the rhythm of fashion, there will be no seasonal collections, the novelties will arrive as inspiration to the artists.

3. Los toques de color se obtienen con , The touches of color are obtained with  NATURAL PIGMENTS, of dyeing plants such as turmeric, pomegranate, indigo, dyeing blonde, etc. There is no synthetic dye in the entire collection. The base color is from the fiber itself, raw. The combination of organic fibers with natural dyes produces 100% biodegradable and skin-friendly fabrics.

4. THE ASSEMBLY, slow and personalized of our espardenyes is a job that requires time and patience. They are assembled and woven by hand, with the same wooden tools used by our ancestors. Each pair requires a day’s work.

5. FORMING. After shaping with the wooden bases, it’s time to finish embellishing your ESTRIVANCUS.

6. OUR PACKAGING eco-friendly, we recycle fruit wooden boxes, our sustainable alternative to packaging. Once selected and clean, we paint them by hand. Use them to keep your españañas and at the same time not take bad form. The labeling and wrapping are also with recycled material.

7. SUSTAINABILITY. All the ESTRIVANCUS are hand woven and therefore the energy consumption of transformation is practically nil. The social responsibility of the ESTRIVANCUS project complements the overall sustainability of our collection. Because the most important thing is never seen.